Donnerstag, 3. August in Äänekoski

00:35 Uhr (finnische Zeit) Aus Gründen der Privatsphäre nenne ich hier keine Namen, aber ich habe gerade das Bedürfnis, ein paar Worte direkt an zwei Personen zu richten.

Dear A. and O. I know you two read my blog so this is for you.

To A.: We’ve just known eachother for three weeks. You were the first person I got to know from your family. When we met in Jyväskylä in the middle of the night, I remember your warm smile and I felt comfortable right away (Even though I was actually really sad becaue of the whole Samu Haber disaster). Thank you for taking care of me, showing me so many nice places and always translate Finnish to me so I knew what was going on. Thanks for your beautiful piano songs, for the talks until late at night, for the dancing, the delicous food, the berry picking and laughing. I feel that we are somehow connected and think the same way in so many things. Thanks for the alcohol car, the alcohol lady, the nightwish, the population virus and nacked man. I hope you will visit Switzerland one day (also when there’s no war).

To O.: You are one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. You picked us up in the middle of the night the day I arrived. The first evening you came to visit and we already talked until very late in the night. I learned so much about finnish culture (and war of course) thanks to you. Thanks for teaching me finnish words (some were more important than others). Thank you for the Euro coin, I will keep it in a save place. Thanks for your Norway Vlog. Everytime I’ll be sad I can watch this and I’m sure I’ll feel happier immediately. Thanks for the talking, the laughing, thanks for showing me finnisch nightlife and finnish metal music, thank you for taking care of me and beeing a good friend. Even though we’ve not known eachother for a long time I felt very secure around you. Hope you can come to Switzerland on your work exchange or just as a holiday. And let’s not forget about our business idea of course.

To A. and O.: No niin. I can’t believe we will not be sitting together at that table anymore. But I really hope we’ll stay in touch. I can’t wait for our trip to Munich and Oktoberfest. Stay as you are. And hey, who knows what will happen on christmas.

Kiitos paljon! I will miss you a lot.